Tiger & Bunny G.E.M Kotetsu Figure


Tiger & Bunny G.E.M Kotetsu Figure


ワイルドタイガー: 「おっ、かわいいなあ、おいでおいで…ギャー!!」

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ワイルドタイガー: 「おっ、かわいいなあ、おいでおいで…ギャー!!」

Yay for finding random pictures of us on the internet<3


Yay for finding random pictures of us on the internet<3

Kumoricon ‘11


I went to Kumoricon in Washington this Saturday with Waifu, crossing-dark, and crossing-dark’s boyfriend. It was very brief, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted!

In the week preceding the con, Waifu came over every other day to work on our ToraDora cosplay. The sleeves were a pain in the butt to fit—we must have worked on them for five hours. I remembered my dad used to be a tailor only after we finished and kind of felt stepping on my box of pins. I’m never using McCall’s M6329 pattern ever again.

I finished my Taiga cosplay the night before the con, but we didn’t get to finish Waifu’s, so we decided to go as Shizaya Shizuo and Izaya.


We’re the losers in the center of the action.

We goofed of for most of the night, watching movies and painting each others’ faces (I got turned into an old man, and crossing-dark became a cat lady) and finally went to sleep around midnight. I didn’t get a wink of sleep, since my paranoia escalates by 1000x at night and double that at someone else’s house. I closed my eyes for a few hours, but every little noise I heard at crossing-dark’s house kept me up. I gave up trying to sleep around 3:00AM and decided to pass time by drawing something in Colors! for the iPod. I came up with this, since I was listening to Bigbang:

We got up at 5:00AM, which was right around the time I finished that drawing. After getting ready, we left later than planned but still got there while the line was pretty small. Waifu and I still needed to register, and crossing-dark and her boyfriend needed to show them their parent permission slips. After what felt like forever, we sat around until the opening ceremony.

There were lots of good cosplayers! I wish I could have collected them all and put them on a shelf.

Waifu was freaking out over these two Kotetsu and Barnaby cosplayers. I’ve only seen three episodes of Tiger & Bunny, so was able to keep calm. She acted like they were the real Kotetsu and Barnaby; it was kind of funny to watch. I do get how she felt, though, since there was a wonderful Lelouch and Nunnaly (Code Geass) cosplay I was too nervous to approach.

When we walked by, Waifu said something along the lines of “Don’t make eye-contact,” but they stopped us and asked for a photo together, which really ended up being a video of them dancing around us after we got into our poses. We’re apparently going to be on Youtube. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

I took a photo of them afterwards, but the sun decided to reflect off of my UV filter. It’s a shame, since I really liked their cosplay, but as Waifu said, “At least we’ll have the memory.”

Shizuo taking a selca with his bunny-phone.

I got a blurry and poorly-composed shot of Ed (crossing-dark) and Ash (boyfriend) at Starbucks since I was way too close.

After having some coffee, we got in line for the opening ceremony, which I somehow managed to fall asleep in, despite the explosive cheering. We were all pretty tired by then.

Next was the Artist Alley and Exhibition Hall at the hotel two blocks over. The Artist Alley was as crowded and pushy as the hoards of fangirls running towards Shizuo and me. There was lots of pretty art, and another Izaya reached out to us in the crowd.

I thought I was having menstrual cramps, so we went to sit down, but then I threw up in the bathroom and regretted drinking that green tea frappuccino. Nothing is worse than throwing up a sweet drink. We walked back to the other hotel to get some water. The journey back was a bit like climbing up Ganondorf’s stairs. (If you’ve played any of the Legend of Zelda games, you probably know what I mean.) I’m really thankful that Waifu kept me company for an hour and that her dad came a long way to drive me home when my parents wouldn’t answer the phone.

My dog greeted me when I got home, and my aunt’s dog climbed all over my face whenever I fell asleep. I feel much better now after getting more sleep than I do in a week’s worth of school nights, but I still feel slightly exhausted and nauseous regardless of that. Hopefully, I’ll be in tip-top shape by the time school starts.

This year’s Kumoricon was in a different and much spacier venue, so it felt like a whole new convention. For the short time I was there, it was a blast. I do hope to go again next year with my two partners in con. See what I did there? 


Thank you for taking a photo with us (The Tiger and Bunny!)

We made our AWESOME peacocking video- SO YOU SHOULD CHECK IF YOU ARE IN IT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYVa3UxaKG4 !!


I don’t usually like to make videos about my cosplay that are W.I.P. but I do want to let my Bunny see how my cosplay is coming along.

I admit- yes- I do look awkward trying to be a 30 something man- but admittedly you can’t really see my eye makeup here- SO PLEASE BEAR WITH ME HERE CONSIDERING I AM A WOOMAN COSPLAY AS KOTETSU.

Not really looking for crit. right at this moment so please just remember this just a video to update people on my Kotetsu cosplay! Thanks!